Kid Grit

Hey, so
sadly I have joined the mass exodus to tumblr, 
I will be posting there from now on. is my hub, bub.

You can access it by clicking on the face below

Here at the edge

trololol things to come


playing around with brushes and ignoring structure.

Fall Fox

To all those fallen.

Prince of Snakes

And he was never alone, 
surrounded by scales,
by serpentine loved ones.

Boat hook-up

Gradient-Overlays: They're shmexy!

On a boat

Nothing half so nautical.

rabble rabble rabble

Rough Layout.
Rabble rabble rabble.


Images from a Pitch to NFB hothouse this year.
It's about a coffin.

Burning Village

Look at me, laying it out.


Had so much fun with that new technique:
decided to apply it to a unfinished sketch


Blur and Freckle.


That moment when you absentmindedly say to yourself:

"I should put this on ones...


what a creep


Russians on the brain.


Film stuff again, 
Sall I've got.


Totally inspired by Florian Satzinger

Dance for France

It can't be that bad.
Look at this guy, he can't stop dancing.


Dat face!

Really channeling kaj here.

Monocle Fox

So here's what happened:
1. Drew a fox
2. Fox too boring
3. And so:

and again

Oh man, 
the tiny icon is sweet for this one.
I wonder how it knows the sweetest spot.

Maybe there is some guy
working for google.
who just decides
what the best thumbnail is 
and that's his life.

3noc again

From the "upcoming project" 


Rough animation for an upcoming project


A quick doodle before I get to work this morning.


Just a progress post/practice painting.
We will see how far I get on this one,
So far it turns out; pretty irish.
Been studying Aaron Blaise to some degree.
It's fascinating that one person can be apt at so many forms of art.
Maybe that's what I'm aiming for...


Some sketches I've been meaning to post.
and yes that's a drowning polar bear. deal with it.

TVP! (aka: texturized vegetable protein)

This was made with TVpaint Animation.
I only have the most glowing and positive things to say about the program and urge any animators interested in traditional 2d approaches to check out the free demo as soon as you get an opportunity.
I'm very excited to be working with it on the whole, and will continue to post my thoughts and insights into the program as I learn of it's features, and respectively utilize them.

a knight for nik

for my friend dylans mind-happy blog

Hewlett Studies

From his work on tank girl.
love his sensibilities.