"We are what we repeatedly do".

Oh noes!


On the cusp of regret,
Damn This Feeling a la Hayden:
Ignore shitty computer microphone plz.

I can't stop dreaming of New Jamestown and Winston therein.
Need to stop, need to paint.


You are a shoreline disappearing into an ocean,
so I'll just eat tofurky with quiet pleasure;
While the waste, blossoming red yellow and orange,
takes millions of young turnip lives.

Make a little love.

La Anima Secondaire.
I breath graphite and chew lead.
Carrots are so hot right now just wait and see.


La Anima Premia.

The First.

The lengthy withdraw.

the summer was sweet,
nights laden with weedsmoke and ridiculous ramblings
can't wait to submerge into this world of images upon images.

a selection of scandalous summer scribblings: