Just for my friend Aminder.
(who posts more comments than anyone I know)

What I listen to.

No matter what was happening,
You always cheered me up.
Here's some of his Music
(And a video to make you smile)

The Road Runner

Drawing the road runner from memory.
While listening to ancient history (beach boys).
I'm sure that's pretty close.


Just some doodles
You know, to tie over the masses.
(the blanka is just for Aminder)

Dance 4 Richy

This is for my friend.
His name is Richy.

Now with 75% more arms!

UPDATE: lol, what just happened to my blog?
UPDATE: lol, I fixed it.

b-board stance.

Again: mother effin crasy ass date.

Zizek in my mind.

Little sketch of Slavoj Zizek from his interview with Charlie Rose.
Pretty interestin' stuff. Watch it here:

New Food

Drawing fashion models,
and contemplating the insane notion
of quantifying beauty.

Still Frame Dreams

yesterday I woke up beside you
in still frames of fleeting cognition
once more alone in our skin
yet as the day crept in
the beauty between us
dissipates into the cracks of the walls,
and the far reaches of the room
beyond my tired limbs and sleep ridden mind
beyond any hope of claim or capture

Gifts Ungiven.

Who loves busts?
We love busts.


from the dreaming steps the night.

So I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday.

Me awaking from surgery.
Still jumpy from laughing gas, adrenaline, and pain.

It seems the last drug to wear off is the face numbing agent.

Then: Codeine and blood.

Run headless phallus, run.

The beginnings of a run cycle!
(also: check out the crazy date)