I have joined,
wayward bands
That I might find
a home again,
or then in friends.
So tighten teeth,
or swallow ten.


I saw a little man getting pulled around by big dog yesterday.
I tried to remain serious, but on the inside I probably looked like this.


Chill my bones amidst soft moans.
You are poison pastries,
I am deadly scones.


A day riddled in self.
Just a little sketch.

Progress Post.

I just improved the proportion and structure a bit.
I'm learning a lot, about both drawing and character design.


This guy was talking real estate.
I thought there was a demon inside him.
Notice the Lacoste symbol.


My scanner is finally working!

Dear Mr. Pedrosa

For Below.
It's a little noisy...
but I enjoy the style proximation.
more to come.

It's been raining all day long.
Like old dances we forgot.
I think I'm starting to like it here...


Just some doodles, wanted to get into the habit of posting more often,
So i'm afraid that will mean more rough + silly stuff for you few faithful fans out there.


I'm trying to find and articulate a exact mood,
Because the character is seen so briefly, as is his arc, he must register instantly.

This is dylan.

This is Dylan;
He is full of niceness.
And drawings.
This is his blog.

Kona Auga

The days are packed
Like stinky sardines
In small sweaty cans

Wait was that a hiku?
ALSO: Pinecones are effing rad.


More 4th year stuff? PROBABLY NOT! :D

tranannana batman

Trans poster madness baby!


4th year characters? WHO KNOWS. (sorry dylan)

Bellow and Howl

The film I pitched to HotHouse at the NFB!


My name is batty, my static is erratic
And, I'm a rapping insectivore