Oh yeah! here's this thing I made!
(only the intro, incase you hadn't guessed)

What the -

A study of hellboy, and one of my favorite artists Mike Mignola.

Hollow days

My friend Brendan Rankin but with no soul and plotting your demise.
So pretty much the same.


Red Pointy Hats

This is my friend Noam Sussman. He is amazing. And he looks like this.

Also: I just checked the google results for the name Blondin. The only person I'm up against is this guy WHO IS MY RELATIVE. That's right, ghosts of the past you better watch yourself, there's a new Blondin in town.

Dark Red Beets

Cricket by Yesley on Grooveshark

New electronic song. More of a test than anything.
Made in the company of my good friend boris.


Holy disney batman.
I will be posting more sketch oriented stuff now. deal with it.