From the frida and diego show at the ago


better hit 100 posts before 2013


Some work from a not so secret project.

Skinny Sigmund


Happy Birthday Mom!

THATS RIGHT, even my parents get the creepy stuff!


Oh yeah! here's this thing I made!
(only the intro, incase you hadn't guessed)

What the -

A study of hellboy, and one of my favorite artists Mike Mignola.

Hollow days

My friend Brendan Rankin but with no soul and plotting your demise.
So pretty much the same.


Red Pointy Hats

This is my friend Noam Sussman. He is amazing. And he looks like this.

Also: I just checked the google results for the name Blondin. The only person I'm up against is this guy WHO IS MY RELATIVE. That's right, ghosts of the past you better watch yourself, there's a new Blondin in town.

Dark Red Beets

Cricket by Yesley on Grooveshark

New electronic song. More of a test than anything.
Made in the company of my good friend boris.


Holy disney batman.
I will be posting more sketch oriented stuff now. deal with it.

More (bearded) heads!

Whooops, that's a really big file. DONT STEAL IT OK?
(jks you can steal it)


Dear internet, in regards to my various absences. It's not that I don't like you, it's just... I've found someone else. They're called working all the gosh darn time. I've been making films, making music, making friends and generally making a mess here in the land of Toronto.
PS: to all my friends: let's hang out.

Me Gusta!

Just in case your day wasn't creepy enough,
I've got your back.

Les Pirate!

she'll cut you!


So my hand really hurts.
Better draw more.


A new rough for my blog design
His shirt/overalls are the posts!


A rough for a painting I'm working on.
Really need to improve this blog layout.


A new Puppet I'm working on. 


 This is a stop motion puppet I made! 
(soon to come: eyes!)

PS: I posted a new song in the music section/grooveshark

Joy Peasant

Gouge Away

Goodness gracious.
Feelin' Nostalgic.
Strawberries and Earl Gray all day long.

My eyes are flowers.

This is a drawing for a character i've been working with lately. 

Tight Security

My first attempt at puppet animation!
(besides 3rd yr)

Sunata Long Ago

For my friend Chris, who's drawings have always inspired me.
This lovely lass, is from his thesis film, Sunata.

The Elwins 24th of Feb

Ok, so crazy last minute! if you're in toronto tonight
and want to go see a great show, go see these guys.
They are really wonderful people
(who will knock your ears' socks off)
It's downtown, elwins play at 11 doors open at 8
Go see them! I'll be there!

Blah blah vampire emergency blah.

This is a new stop motion puppet I made.
Pretty scary stuff.
Remember when vampires meant fear and shadow?
Or Bela Lugosi in eyeshadow?
Let's make a movie where they're pure evil again.
Abductors in the night.
Rather than brooding misunderstood sex idols.